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What is JetNest?

JetNest was established to help entrepreneurs, business people, creative professionals and others gain the global experience and perspective needed to succeed in our increasingly interconnected world.
The company assembles small groups of carefully selected individuals and brings them to a dynamic international destination where they live, work and collaborate in an intellectually stimulating and culturally rich environment — for twelve days.

Learn Local Practices.
Meet Potential Business Partners.

Participants — JetNesters — attend educational workshops to gain a better understanding of local culture and business practices. In addition, they are meet a variety of potential business partners who are difficult (if not impossible) for most people to identify, let alone meet in a real life.

Living and Working Together…
While Staying in Touch with Home

The JetNesters live together in a single location equipped with wifi, allowing them to meet ongoing professional responsibilities and communicate regularly with business associates, clients and others back home. The shared work and living environment is designed to encourage interaction and collaboration among the participants, enabling them to develop relationships that can bring a lifetime of personal and professional benefits.

Personal Growth through International Experience

The JetNest program offers much more than business connections and an attractive personal friendly environment. Participants also have plenty of free time to immerse themselves in an unfamiliar yet thrilling new environment. JetNest destinations are among the world’s popular destinations and provide endless opportunities for exploration and cultural enrichment.

Unscripted TV Show in Development

JetNest offers yet another exciting opportunity: the chance to participate in an unscripted TV show. Currently being discussed with several high profile producers and networks, “JetNesters” has been described as “Shark Tank Meets The Real World International.” The show will follow small groups of ambitious entrepreneurs as they live and work together, collaborate on innovative new ideas and business initiatives, meet prospective investors, and experience the sights and sounds of glamorous international locations.

Sound Intriguing?

If this sounds appealing, don’t hesitate: Apply here as soon as you can. We currently are evaluating applicants for our next trip, which will take us to Buenos Aires, a dynamic global metropolis that has been called the “Paris of South America.”