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Gain International Experience

Insightful business observers, executive recruiters and CEOs agree: having international experience, or at the very least an international perspective, has become an important, if not essential, attribute for ambitious business people, including entrepreneurs.

Peter Lacy, a managing director with Accenture, one of the world’s largest management consulting firms, says that his firm’s clients “increasingly operate seamlessly across borders. Our people need to be able to do the same. That mindset comes from being exposed to new business cultures and experiences that come with international placements.”

Network with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

International crowd isn’t the only people you’ll get to know on your JetNest adventure. Some of your most valuable connections will be with your fellow JetNesters. We’re confident you’ll develop at least a few relationships that will last for years.
We don’t just accept anyone who applies to our program and can pay the fee. Rather, to make the experience as rewarding as possible for every participant, we carefully screen each applicant to make sure we get a great mix of people. We are particularly interested in attracting the kind of smart, ambitious, outgoing and adventurous people who can get the most out of an experience like this — and who also can “play well with others.”
By living together in a foreign destination for a week, you’ll have a unique opportunity to really get to know your fellow JetNesters. You’ll have a chance to discuss your ideas, your business, your career, your hopes and your dreams. You’ll learn how others have addressed similar — or wildly different — challenges. You’ll brainstorm together and bounce ideas off each other. You’ll be able to explore a vibrant international city with other interesting and intelligent people. And who knows? You might even meet your next business partner.

Gain Exposure By Appearing on a TV Show

One of the greatest challenges facing many business people — especially entrepreneurs — is achieving visibility for themselves and their companies. Many are (rightly) convinced that if only more people were aware of their products and services, and the value they deliver, the more business and investment they’d attract.
We might be able to help. “JetNesters,” an unscripted TV show based on the JetNest experience, is currently in development. As a member of the JetNest team, you may get a chance to be seen by thousands, and even millions, of people. That kind of exposure for you and your business could literally be life changing.

Broaden Your Perspective and Stimulate Your Creativity

Scientists and other academics that have studied the issue overwhelmingly agree: experiencing different cultures can have a profound affect on one’s creativity. That shouldn’t be surprising. Living and working in a completely new environment will broaden your perspective and give you new ways to view the world. And it can hardly be disputed that creativity — the ability to find innovative solutions to seemingly intractable challenges — is among the valuable attributes of successful entrepreneurs and leaders of all types of enterprises. And of course, it’s utterly essential to those in the so-called “creative professions.”

Continue Working on Your “Day Job”

At JetNest, we realize that the kinds of successful, hardworking individuals who are attracted to an experience like this typically do not have the luxury of taking a month-long sabbatical, or be able to leave their jobs or businesses to experience an overseas adventure. This is perhaps especially true for those running a startup company or otherwise involved in entrepreneurial ventures.
That’s why we have structured the JetNest experience to allow you to stay connected to your current business on an around-the-clock basis. We only travel to global cities that can provide the kind of modern technology most of us depend on, and we carefully choose our destinations to ensure our participants have the tools — like reliable Internet access — needed to continue doing their jobs throughout the JetNest experience. We also avoid over scheduling so that you not only can attend to ongoing commitments, but also have enough free time to enjoy the local sights, sounds and tastes.

Enrich Your Life

JetNest can bring unparalleled advantages to your business and to your career. Yet the potential benefits go far beyond the merely economic. We are convinced this experience will enrich every aspect of your life — professional, personal and even spiritual. Spending sustained, quality time in an unfamiliar — yet culturally and intellectually stimulating — destination will provide you truly immeasurable benefits.
Apply today for the adventure of a lifetime.