Mark Hamade

Partner, VIVARIS Ltd

“As a Conscious Capitalist Entrepeneur meaning I passionately respect People, the Planet, Profitable enterprise, Women in business and believes that organizations have a responsibility to uphold all three Ps & the W equally. What I relish about being an Entrepeneur is the opportunity to innovate & disrupt-design new ideas and business processes. This leads to economic growth across the planet impacting lives & employing more jobs. Even incremental change can lead to discovery.

Joining JetNest would be an honor & a dream. JetNest was founded by a magical & diverse group of Entrepreneurs who’s mission is to give back & help entrepreneurs, business people, creative professionals and others gain the global experience and perspective needed to succeed on the planet.

To be part of JetNest & impact the Entrepeneur’s by helping them in terms of innovation, process improvement, talent management/leadership/team building skills, leadership through communication, conflict resolution, nutrition, wellness, responsibility, accountability, excellence in execution, company values as well understanding the business requirements of each country makes JetNest the most exciting organization to be part of to date due to the impact of it it’s mission! How can I not be so excited about that? I can’t!”

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